Gods Rising of the East

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Trivia about Me:

I was born loving Nihon and it all started when I was young, as I remember I started doing sketches of Anime because I like seeing them on TV. It’s my routine back then to watch Anime, I knew the time and day when to watch and I always stay tune in every episodes. Then, every time I watched Anime, I got curious with the songs that are being played in the beginning and ending part. So I decided to record it on tape (I still have it with me up to now) and I’m surprised because I learned to sing it even though I don’t know even a single Nihonggo and as time goes by I kinda love doing it until I realized that I was already buying Anime stuff; posters, stickers, textcards, magazines and CD (soundtrack) such things happened during my Grade schools days. When I was in High School my addiction to Anime just got worst because I found out that there are some Anime Related Comic Books available in bookstores (National Bookstores), I didn’t waste anytime and bought some (Questor, Culture Crash, Otakuzine, K-zone etc)whenever available. To add with that, the burning of CD became a hit so I have a bunch of CD with pure Anime song tracklists. Take note all the songs in every CDs are magically memories through my heart and soul (O.A.). Then, the Asianovela fever started on TV, my heart shout out with joy because finally I got to watch them in TV besides the Net (the only source of my happiness). But I got choosy because most of the shows are not Japanese dramas so I just pick out Jdoramas to be watched. During my College days, my addiction to Anime gradually shifted to Jdoramas as I continue to watch some and I told myself “this is the real thing now” (I still reminisce the moment when I fall in love with an Anime character and I have a lots of Anime crushes back then). I’m not ashamed with it though, as a matter of fact, I’m proud of it. My being a fangirl fully blossoms when GMA 7 started airing Mangaseryes (Hana Yori Dango, Gokusen, GTO etc). I got curious with the actors and actresses so I search it Online and I discovered that they have lots of Jdoramas that have good stories and castings. As I became crazy about Jdoramas, I did a big life changing discovery and that is when I knew KAT-TUN through Gokusen 2 by the song “Kizuna”. Together with that, the rest of JE boys follows (NEWS, Arashi, Hey Say JUMP etc). My passion to Jstuffs continues up until now. I describe myself now as a “simple Anime lover to a complete Fangirl”.

Fave Actors:

Actually I have a lot. Most of them are JE boys but also non-JE like Shun Oguri, Eita, Tamaki, Mizushima Hiro, Mikomichi Hayami, Haruma Miura, Osamu Mukai etc. I came to like them upon watching and they are kawaii like my idols so even though they are not on JE, I like them as well.

Fave Actresses:

Same as the actors, they happened to appear in some dramas featuring my dear JE boys so I kind a like them too. Sorry I’m really not good in giving out specific names because I have a lot on my mind and I can’t say it all. Because I may forgot some and I feel bad for it. Let me just give a few of them; Haruka Ayase, Maki Hirokita, Erika Toda, Juri Ueno, Yui Aragaki, Meisa Kuroki, Yuu Kashii, Ueto Aya etc.

Fave Jdoramas:

I hope you will forgive me, I have a lot as well here but all I wanna say is that the most recent are my priority to watch than those of the past. Most JE dramas are really on my list.

Fave Singers:

Mostly JE boys but I do also have non-JE like AAA, Ayakka and Utada Hikaru and some J-bands like Aqua Timez etc as long as it's JPOP singers, I will surely like them.

Fave Animes:

Actually my fave animes are those that are shown back then because as of now, I’m not that into Anime a lot. I’m a fangirl and focuses on J-artists and stuff. Some of it are Naruto, Bleach, Ghost Fighter, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Hunter x Hunter, Fushigi Yuugi etc.


I only have one interest and that is everything about Nihon from the different places that is popular to tourist to the food they eat, up to the traditional and cultural practices they still celebrate up until now. I love everything about them and I can’t help myself whenever I see places and hear news about Nihon, it really excites me. I can easily be affected if there are some bad news and good news in Nihon. I also admire their high technology in terms on their gadgets and robots etc. Truly, I can considered myself as a Japanese by Heart.


Well, anything that is related to Nihon ofcourse like drawing Anime sketches, listening to Jpop songs and watching Jdoramas and Jshows such as news, variety shows and CM.


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